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Doctors Recommend Laser Hair Removal

“Oh Summer — You don’t have to be a bummer!” says every woman who has ever had bikini laser hair removal.

Every woman looks forward to summertime: beaches, pools, lakes, and picnics in the park! However, every woman knows how pesky it is to have to constantly keep their lady garden groomed. Traditionally, women resulted to shaving, and when that modernized, waxing was the new “must have” for our bushes. With those treatments also come some nasty side effects: razor burn, ingrown hairs, folliculitis, redness, and cuts! Luckily, thanks to a new tool on the market, those problems are SO last year.


Say “Hello” to the ProwaveLX laser and “goodbye” to those nasty side effects from the past!


Why doctors recommend this method?

Physicians recommend laser hair removal over any other hair removal methods for the bikini area because laser is the only method that does not compromise the dermis. With other conventional methods, the skin’s surface is irritated and cut. Shaving causes micro cuts on the skin’s surface which leads to the likelihood of infection. Shaving increases the likelihood of catching an STD.

Waxing also compromises the dermis. Waxing extracts hair from the root, leaving you completely smooth at first. However, when the new hair follicle begins its return, ingrown hairs form. Hot wax is also damaging to the skin.

Laser is the only SAFE way to ensure hair removal and skin safety.


Who is a good candidate for laser hair removal?

The ProwaveLX laser works on anyone with dark colored hair. The laser picks up on the color of the hair, and this is how it distinguishes between the hair follicle and your skin. This is why no damage to the skin occurs. People with light colored skin are ideal candidates, as all laser can yield some skin lightening.


Laser Aesthetics of Maryville offers optimal care for all of your unwanted hair needs!

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