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Laser Aesthetics of Maryville

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Laser Hair Removal in Maryville, TN

Things You Never Knew About Laser Hair Removal

It’s only half as painful as waxing

If you’ve ever had any waxing done besides your eyebrows, you know that it’s often a painful experience that you pay money to have someone do for you. No matter how good your waxer is, it just hurts.  Well, we are pleased to tell you that, while getting laser hair removal isn’t necessarily enjoyable, it is way less painful than waxing. It only hurts about 50% as much!

It’s not really that expensive

Laser Aesthetics of Maryville offers a FREE consultation!  Contact us today for details on what area you are wanting to get done!

It only takes about 10 minutes

Yep, you read that right. Laser hair treatments are a get-in-get-out kind of appointment. Who doesn’t love those? Now, this is assuming that you are getting a smaller area treated—a full leg appointment will be longer. You will need to go in regularly, every four to six weeks, to continue seeing permanent results. But since the laser is killing off about 10% of the hair follicles each appointments, you will eventually only need to go in for touch up appointments.

It’s more effective for certain people than others

One of our laser technicians will tell you everything you need to know before your first appointment.  One of those will be that laser hair removal is more effective for some people than others. If you have thick, dark hair and light skin, you’re a perfect candidate.  The laser can easily detect the hair follicle. The closer your hair color is to your skin color, the harder it will be for the treatment to be effective. However, the latest lasers are said to work effectively on dark skin and blonde hair as well (although they will hurt a bit more). Even if you aren’t a perfect candidate, the laser should be able to detect a decent amount of follicles each time, leaving you with less hair otherwise. It’s also important to disclose any medications you’re currently taking before you go in for your first treatment, as that has a significant effect on determining whether the procedure is right for you.

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